Set vision to learn university education to become educated citizens


Implementation of the 30-year national education plan (NEP) aims to resurge the education standard of Myanmar to keep abreast of other countries.
The past generations of Myanmar missed the chance to learn English comprehensively due to the arrangements of successive governments. The majority of the best literature called masterpieces was compiled in English. As such, only then can those who are fluently in English observe the world’s best literature as well as subject-wise results of research works.
In Myanmar, just about three million people among the 55 million population are graduates, accounting for less than 10 per cent of the total population. Likewise, some 18 million people could learn primary and middle school education.
According to the surveys, there are more than 10 million illiterate people in the country. That is why all school-age children must be arranged to attend the schools and to have education and knowledge. As such, the current government is striving for the development of the education sector in its tenure.
Officials from the education sector, especially academicians should focus on teaching and training students to become educated citizens capable of modernizing the country.
Indeed, universities are the environments where students can study and analyze newer and newer knowledge and techniques. Hence, these institutions must be standardized to some degree. Universities need to create pleasant environments for students as physical improvement and initiate higher learning opportunities.
Hence, the universities facilitated with necessary infrastructures must be the proper environments where faculty members and students frankly exchange knowledge and techniques as the higher learning system without rote process. These facilities must contribute to the in-depth learning of students with the assistance of libraries and internet access as well as various media platforms. If so, the universities will turn out the well-versed educated citizens for the nation.
Truly, the universities must be the best infrastructures for learning of students as well as the proper institutions to search experiences for their lives to be able to overcome challenges not only for themselves but for the State and the people. If so, the universities can turn out reliable educated citizens.
All school-age children must set visions to learn university education to become good and able citizens. All parents need to encourage their offspring to learn university education. Consequently, qualified educated persons will come out one after another in the entire nation.

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