Sham media outlets spread misinformation on Counter-Terrorism actions of security forces in Kayah State diverting from media ethics

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A location map of the KNDF Brigade 10 base at locally called "Sin Sakhan".

The KNPP and KNDF terrorists launched attacks on administrative buildings, religious buildings, hospitals, schools and houses using heavy weapons, small weapons and Drop Bombs. The local residents were not satisfied with their terror acts for killings of innocent civilians and injuries and so they reported to the officials including the exact base locations. Therefore, Tatmadaw conducted Counter-Terrorism Action with the help of airstrikes and artillery, and the media outlets spread misinformation about the cases without following the media ethics.
The KNPP and KNDF terrorists are launching various terror acts to disrupt the stability in Kayah State and opened fire on the passenger flight of MNA on 24 December 2021, Loikaw University and prison on 12 January 2022, Lawpita Thinbawbin base and Bilu Chaung 10-mile base on 6 July using heavy weapons, passenger flight ART-72 on 30 September, airport on 11 November, twice attacks on the airport on 3 January 2023 using Drop Bombs and regional military bases in Loilem Lay on 18 September 2022 and 13 January 2023 using heavy weapons and the attacks resulted in deaths and injuries.
Moreover, they also attacked from 4,000 metre of Loikaw Township at 7:15 am using heavy weapons while the local ethnic people were organizing the opening ceremony of the archway commemorating the 71st Anniversary of Kayah State Day in front of the state hall of Kayah State. In the attack, some security force members, six students, one male and one female civilian were wounded and one male civilian died. The terrorists committed 21 attacks between 1 December 2022 and 31 January 2023.
As they committed such terrorist attacks, the security forces conducted Counter-Terrorism Action against their bases and there were 55 clashes around Mal Taw Cave, Kyaiktiyo Lay, Lwaltamu region and Loikaw between 1 December 2022 and 31 January 2023, and some security force members were injured and it could seize the dead bodies of terrorists, arms and ammunition and other related materials.
Due to the brutal attacks of terrorist groups, the residents who do not want the killings and injuries of innocent people reported the exact information, and according to the ground inspection of security forces, it is known that the KNDF Brigade 10 base is located at Sin Sakhan (locally called) about 10 miles from northeast of Loikaw. Therefore, the security forces launched Counter-Terrorism action with airstrikes and artillery on 3 February and they (terrorists) lost their arms and ammunition and buildings, according to the on-ground information.
Regarding that case, the KNPP and KNDF terrorist groups made up the KNDF Brigade 10 base as refugee camps through untrue media outlets to spread rumours like Tatmadaw launched airstrikes on clinics, schools and ration warehouses of IDP without any armed engagements or for no reason.
It is here reported for the awareness of people regarding the spreading of false information by untrue media and the Security Force members keep conducting Counter-Terrorism actions by cooperating with the locals to ensure the peace and stability of the area. — MNA/KTZH

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