Shan long chilli, Chinese bell peppers arrive at Bayintnaung Wholesale Centre

Chinese bell pepper was imported before road closure at the border.

Prior to road closure in some border areas of Shan State, Chinese bell peppers entered the domestic market. The prices stood at K10,500 per viss of long chilli pepper from Shan State and K18,000 per viss of Chinese bell peppers on 31 October 2023. The prices of Chinese bell peppers increased from K17,200-17,500 per viss on 25 October. On 31 October, new chilli peppers (Moehtaung variety) from Nat Mauk, Pyawbwe and Yamethin areas fetched K10,200-10,500 per viss. Some new Moehtaung chilli peppers from the Tatkon area are offered only K9,300-10,000 per viss owing to some flaws and low quality on 31 October, Ko Hla Han, a trader involved in chilli pepper depot, told the Global New Light of Myanmar. Chilli pepper prices started to move up slightly. The prices of chilli pepper processed in cold storage moved in the range between K13,500 and K14,500 per viss in the wholesale market. The long chilli peppers from the delta region are priced at K6,800-8,000 per viss in the wholesale market. The prices of bell peppers are K14,000-21,000 per viss depending on region and quality. ‌
The prices of chili pepper were K5,000-7,000 per viss in late October 2023 lower than those registered in November 2022.
There is less chance for a further price drop, a trader shared his opinion.
In early October 2023, the prices stood at US$400 per tonne of fresh chilli pepper and $1,600 per tonne of dried chilli pepper, according to export data of some border posts.
The prices hit a record high of K31,000 per viss of bell pepper processed in cold storage, K29,000 per viss of bell pepper from Sinphyukyun, K17,500 per viss of long chilli pepper from Shan State, K16,000 per viss of chilli pepper (Moehtaung variety) in November 2022. The prices of chilli pepper in 2023 decreased compared to those in 2022, a trader told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM). — TWA/KK

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