Shape healthy workplaces for insured workers


Providing health care services aims to ensure the health and fitness of employees as well as create healthy workplaces in order to operate manufacturing of products without interruption of process in full swing.
Among hundreds of thousands of workers across the nation, a total of 1,107,338 workers have joined the Social Security Board as insured workers to primarily enjoy healthcare rights. Meanwhile, 33,868 workplaces in the entire nation have connected with the medical treatment programmes of the SSB.
The Social Security Board under the Ministry of Labour primarily arranges health care services for insured workers. Those insured workers have rights to take medical treatment and provisions and endorsements for workplace rights such as taking leaves, pharmaceutical supplies and cash assistance for pregnant women and babies.
Those insured female and male workers have the rights of receiving medical treatment free of charge, cash assistance for illness, giving healthcare to birth and death, less than one-year-old babies of insured female workers, providing compensation for injuries, temporary disabilities and deaths in the workplace accidents, permanent disabilities, and funeral cost of dead incurred workers and compensation for bereaved families.
During the mini-budget period of the 2021-22 financial year, the clinics under the Social Security Board provided medical treatments to 246 inpatients and 380,850 outpatients depending on their diseases.
Plans are underway to set up more social security clinics across the nation for enabling the insured workers to have easy access to health care services in time, according to the SSB of the Ministry of Labour. The sites will be chosen close to residential areas, factories, workshops and hostels where the majority of workers reside.
Up to now, the Social Security Board cooperates with Care Well Medical Company Ltd in the establishment of SSB Care Well clinics at Nawade Housing and Shwelinpan industrial zone in Hlinethaya, Mingaladon and at industrial zone-3 of Shwepyitha townships.
Moreover, insured worker patients have to enjoy the right of receiving medical treatments at three Workers’ Hospitals, 96 social security clinics, 57 departmental clinics, one traditional medicine clinic and two mobile clinics in Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, regions and states in addition to services of 24 capitation payment clinics and seven free for service payment clinics.
Only when the insured workers are healthy and fit will they serve their assigned duties as well as will their workplaces be healthy. If so, they will utilize their strengths based on vigorous efforts in processes of workplaces without delay to secure greater success in operations.

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