Sino-Myanmar border crossing Mang Wein reopens

Man Wein sskm
Lorries laden with export cargoes are seen on the Sino-Myanmar border.

Trade activity at the Muse-Mang Wein crossing, which performed the majority of trade between Myanmar and China, resumed on 14 January 2023, said Vice-Chair U Min Thein of Muse Rice Wholesale Centre.
It was closed down on 1 April 2020. Among the border points connected to Muse-Kyalgaung areas, only Mang Wein was reopened at 7 am Myanmar Standard Time on 14 January with the presence of the officials of the two countries.
However, only six-wheel trucks driven by Myanmar drivers are allowed to pass the Mang Wein crossing. Other trucks are still not given the green light. Passengers are not entitled to pass it as well.
Additionally, other goods except for agricultural products (watermelon, muskmelon), minerals and fisheries products are allowed to be sent to China through that border. Meanwhile, China gives the go-ahead to the imports of construction goods, electrical appliances, medical devices, industrial equipment, consumer goods, household goods and food products only through that border, U Min Thein elaborated.
The Mang Wein border allows Myanmar truck drivers to cross the border point, whereas the driver-substitution system is yet to be abolished at the Kyinsankyawt border although it was reopened on 26 November 2021.
U Min Thein called for an end to the driver-substitution system at the Kyinsankyawt border to facilitate the cross-border trade between Myanmar and China.
At present, there is no responsibility and accountability if goods are damaged under the driver-substitution system. Therefore, Myanmar exporters choose short-haul driver services and bear high freight costs, traders engaged in the Muse border said.
Myanmar daily delivers rice, broken rice, pulses, rubber, watermelon, fishery products, chilli pepper and other food commodities to China through the Kyinsankyawt border with about 100 trucks and building materials, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, household goods and industrial raw materials are imported into the country with 40 trucks.
Myanmar has opened five border trade posts with China — Muse, Lweje, Kampaiti, Chinshwehaw and Kengtung. The majority of the trade is carried out through Muse, Ministry of Commerce’s data indicated. — NN/EMM

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