Smithy works in Myothit almost diminishing due to declining demand

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The smithy works are almost disappearing due to declining demand in Myothit Township, Magway Region, according to Myothit smithy business owners.
There used to be about seven smithies in Myothit. They produced swords, carpenter tools, agricultural implements.
“Myothit was once a famous place for its handicrafts such as scissors and swords. Scissors and swords, which were made in Myothit, can have a guarantee for 10 years. Smithies also ensure that each one is strong and sells with a guarantee. The number of people using our products was decreasing as other new products came into the market. The price was around K1,500-K2,000 but without guarantees. A scissor made in our smithy is worth between K4,500 and K7,000,” said U Maung Oo, an owner of the smithy in Myothit.
The smithy businesses are diminishing due to the high costs of firewood, charcoal and labour. There are several types of products like betel cutters, scissors, various kinds of carpenter tools, sickles, diggers, weeding hoes, pickaxes, mattocks, ploughs, harrows and agricultural implements.
“We have been producing swords only since the time of our parents. These swords are made with the iron of vehicle jack and they have a guarantee. A knife sells for K4,500 to K30,000 depending on their types. We also produce and sell different categories of swords and knives,” explained U Maung Oo, the smithy owner in Myothit.
Nowadays, the smithy businesses are gradually diminishing due to the scarcity and expensive cost of firewood and charcoal, labour shortage and cheap prices of foreign-made ironwares, according to the smithy business owners in Myothit Township. — Than Win Tun (IPRD)/GNLM

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