So-called PDF terrorists commit terror acts taking cover of monasteries, schools, rural dispensaries and public houses in Pazigyi Village of Kanbalu Township and Magyikan Village of Myaing Township; security forces conduct rules of engagement-ROE in combating terrorists

State-owned dailies and TV on 13 April mentioned the news on limited airstrikes by the Tatmadaw as so-called PDF terrorists arranged to open the NUG terrorist headquarters near Pazigyi Village of Kanbalu Township on 11 April, according to the information of local people.
In the military operations against KIA battalion-12 and so-called PDF terrorists around Mang Wein, Sitha, Mankha, Simulay, Simugyi, Tongauk, Ywathitgon and Namlan villages where the eastern command of terrorist NUG will be built, bunkers and mine barriers were laid at monasteries, schools, rural dispensaries and public houses from 23 March to 8 April.
On 20 April, Tatmadaw columns engaged with KIA and PDF terrorists who arrived around Pazigyi Village and the surrounding area in Kanbalu Township, and those terrorists withdrew to the northern part. In the incident, four bodies of terrorists were seized with arms and ammunition from the sandbag bankers and communication canals near the wall of the monastery and the school.
Likewise, security forces attacked PDF terrorists who arrived around Magyikan Village of Myaing Township on 18 and 19 April and seized their arms and ammunition from the rural dispensary and public houses.
In these incidents, terrorists built bankers in the precinct of the monastery, schools and rural dispensaries and laid homemade mine barriers around the village. In their moves, those terrorists took innocent villagers along with them and use them as human shields in the fighting. If those villagers are dead, they discredit the Tatmadaw through media propaganda.
On 20 April, terrorists under the disguise of a Buddhist monks from a vehicle attacked security forces with small arms at the village administrator’s office in Myakantha Village of Patheingyi Township, leaving some security forces injured.
Those terrorists brutally commit terror acts on pagodas, monasteries, monks and nuns. They use public places and non-military areas and people as human shields to commit war crimes. Hence, people inform the security forces about the information of terrorists depending on the situations.
Security forces under limited strength in line with the law combat terrorists. Moreover, security forces are serving duties under the Rules of Engagement- ROE in safeguarding the life and property of the people. — MNA/TTA

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