Soldier drunkenly took part in Monywa protest: report

Soldier photo 72
Sergeant Clerk Than Lwin reportedly took part in Monywa protest while intoxicated.

Photos of a soldier taken part in the protest in Monywa Township on 18 February was rampant on social media.

It was investigated that the soldier is Sergeant Clerk Than Lwin from No. 16 Light Infantry Battalion, and he arrived at the Oboe Prison ward to purchase foodstuffs on 17 February after he completed his security duty on 17 February night.

He drank liquor with some persons at a school and slept there.

The next morning, four men came there with foods and more liquor, and they drank together there again. The men incited the soldier to take part in the protest, and he told their words.

Although he heard police telling him to leave the protesters, he remained silent in the crowds.

He stayed at the Shwe Nadi Guest House after the protest, and he returned to his battalion after he woke up at 2 am.

He will be charged with the disciplinary rules of the armed forces accordingly.—MNA

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