Some shopping centres put limit on sales per capita

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Some grocery items on the mall shelves are seen at a shopping centre.

The sales of some commodities such as instant noodle, edible oil and MSG are limited per capita at some shopping centres, Ma Aye, a shopper from Lanmadaw Township, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
Commodities prices are soaring in Yangon markets. There are price changes at shopping centres as well. As the prices of some products have remained unchanged yet, buyers keep those goods in hands, forcing the retailers to put a limit on sales of some products.
A customer is limited to buying only two packs of instant noodles. The retail price of instant noodles is K350-400 per pack. One packet of instant noodles that contain 5 packs costs only K1,500-1,550 at shopping centres.
Only sunflower oil, sesame oil and peanut oils are available at the centres for now. I cannot find any palm oil and vegetable oil at mall shelfs on 9 September, Daw Wai Wai Lwin, a shopper, shared her experience with the GNLM.
A customer is entitled to buy only two bottles of branded sunflower oil as well. A bottle of sunflower oil (0.9 litre) is priced at K7,200. Price tag mention two bottles per capita. Meanwhile, some other brands do not make the limit. A popular branded peanut oil is nowhere to be found at the shopping centres in recent days.
The peanut oil prices range between K16,200 and K21,000 per viss. A peanut oil worth K16,200 per viss has also limited sales with the price tag mentioning two bottles per capita. At present, the prices of peanut and sunflower oil have become the same, as a seller. Furthermore, only two packs of 500-gramme MSG are limited per capita, according to the buyers seen at the cash counter.
Majority of the MSG buyers are street food sellers. Only small number of packs of 10 eggs are seen on 9 September. One pack of 10 eggs is worth at K2,000-2,300.
Meanwhile, free-range eggs are priced at K2,900 per 10 eggs. Locally produced tea leaf pack is valued at K2,000 per 100-gramme box, which rose from K1,600. The prices of 200-gramme box increased form K3,200 to K3,800, according to price tags of mall shelf. In 2021, the price of sweetened condensed milk can was only around K1,000. In September 2022, the price nearly tripped to K2,950 per can. Similarly, the price of a pack of 1,000-gramme milk powder doubled to K8,000 in recent days compared to that of 2021.
Panic buying is rarely seen in the difficult times. However, limited sales on the locally products are still witnessed at the centres.
A soap bottle worth K11,000 is discounted at K9,000 in July. In the first week of September, the price rose to K13,500.
The price of a 500 sheet-A4 paper package also jumped to K13,500 from K7,000 in two months. The price tags of the shopping centres indicate the rocketing prices of food items and consumer products vividly, the consumers said. – TWA/GNLM

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