Special Session of Human Rights Council on Myanmar held

Human Rights Council Special Session 72
The special session of the Human Rights Council on Myanmar was held in Geneva on 12 February 2021. Photo: MNA

At the request of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a special session of the Human Rights Council on Myanmar was held on 12 February 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. During the session, the United Kingdom and the European Union jointly tabled a resolution on the current situation in Myanmar.
Before the submission of the draft resolution, the Permanent Representative of Myanmar, Ambassador U Myint Thu, made a statement and explained the present situation in Myanmar, including the assumption of the State responsibility by the Tatmadaw on 1 February 2021 in accordance with State Constitution (2008), the policies of the State Administration Council and plans to be implemented during the period of State of Emergency. He also said that Myanmar will continue to adhere to the Independent, Active and Non-aligned Foreign Policy; uphold the principles of peaceful co-existence and engage with the United Nations towards lasting peace and stability and sustained development to the benefit of the people. Furthermore, he stated that Myanmar has never accepted a country specific resolution which is politicized and unbalanced. He added that such attempt can further complicate the prevailing situation in the country and hamper the prevalence of maintaining law and order, peace and stability and the socio-economic development of the people. In this manner, Myanmar dissociated itself from the resolution. China, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Philippines also dissociated themselves from the resolution. —MNA

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