Spice prices: Imported Kyukok garlic price jumps after border transport hurdle

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Kyukok garlic imported by China is seen in the domestic market.

Kyukok garlic imported by China doubled after a week of transport obstacles at the border.
On 26 October, Kyukok garlic fetched K7,800 and Shan garlic’s price was only K9,000-9,800. The prices reached a two-time high after one week of trade situation.
The price of Kyukok garlic in the domestic market went up amid the low stocks.
The price gap between Kyukok garlic and onion nearly quadrupled this week ending 3 November.
Housewives mostly consume onion rather than garlic. The exorbitant price of garlic does not pose a big burden on the food cost of the housewives.
Onion prices stood at K2,900-K3,800 per viss at the Bayintnaung market on 3 November. Meanwhile, Kyukok garlic prices moved in the range between K16,000 and K17,000 per viss and Shan garlic prices were K12,000-K15,000 per viss, Ko Thein Myint, a garlic seller, told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The retail price of Kyukok garlic at Lanmadaw market was K17,500 per viss, Ko Kyin Thein from Lanmadaw told the GNLM.
In the corresponding period last year, garlic prices were K3,000-K4,100 per viss and K3,700-K3,800 per viss, whereas onion prices were K3,200-K3,900 per viss.
Shan garlic price followed the price rise of Kyukok garlic yet it has not reached the level of Kyukok garlic, said a trader.
The imported Kyukok garlic has grasped a firm market share in the domestic market for over two decades. It is mostly used in the food industry as it is easier to peel. Local garlic is primarily grown in Taunggyi and Aungban, Shan State. It is also found in Pakokku and Mandalay areas.
The local garlic flows into the market in February while Kyukok garlic floods in the market in May and June. The high price of garlic might prompt the growers to expand the cultivation acres. — TWA/KK

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