SPTT meets UWSP, NDAA and SSPP delegations

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The first-day meeting between the State Peace Talks Team and the peace delegations from UWSP, NDAA and SSPP is in progress.

The meeting between the State Peace Talks Team-SPTT and the delegations led by Vice-Chairman of the United Wa State Party-UWSP, Vice-Chairman of the National Democratic Alliance Army-NDAA and Vice-Chairman-2 of the Shan State Progress Party-SSPP was held at the National Solidarity and Peacemaking Centre’s meeting room yesterday morning.
State Administration Council-SAC member Union Minister at the Government Office National Solidarity and Peacemaking Negotiation Committee-NSPNC Chairman Peace Talks Team Leader Lt-Gen Yar Pyae and members: SAC Member Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun, NSPNC Secretary Lt-Gen Min Naung, and NSPNC members: Lt-Gen Min Naing, Lt-Gen Win Bo Shein and Lt-Gen Aye Win, and UWSP Vice-Chairman U Lau Yaku, Head of Political Department of UWSP U Aik Nap Ling, NDAA Vice-Chairman U San Pae, General-Secretary U Kyi Myint, SSPP Vice-Chairman-2 Sao Khun Seng and Secretary-2 of SSPP Sao Seng Hsu attended the meeting.
At the meeting, SPTT Leader Lt-Gen Yar Pyae and UWSP Vice-Chairman U Lau Yaku on behalf of the participating ethnic armed organizations gave opening speeches.
Afterwards, NSPNC member Lt-Gen Win Bo Shein gave a briefing about the status of experts, professional politicians and ethnic armed organizations’ leaders being able to participate in drafting the Constitution (2008) seriously at the national conference, the list of Union legislation – Table 1 and the list of regional or state legislation – Table 2 in the 2008 Constitution.
Then, the SPTT clarified the ways and methods that can be done for the political preferences of the UWSP and NDAA according to the agreements during the first meeting.
Next, attendees mutually discussed their opinions and adjourned the first-day meeting. It is learnt that the second-day meeting will continue on 28 September. — MNA

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