Sri Ksetra World Heritage Site, which started civilization in Southeast Asia must be a world-class cultural zone to firmly show off Myanmar history: Senior General

The cultural area must be internationally standardized to attract international tourists to observe the history of the region, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in inspecting Sri Ksetra ancient city identified as the World Heritage Site, five miles southeast of Pyay in Bago Region yesterday morning.
At the hall of the Field School of Archaeology, Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture U Ko Ko and officials reported on the history of Sri Ksetra city and Pyu people, excavation of ancient cities, designation of Hanlin, Beikthanoe and Sri Ksetra ancient cities as World Heritage Sites, improvement of culture in relevant eras, lecturing at the field school, maintenance of ancient objects, functions of Sri Ksetra museum, and restrictions for illegal residences in Sri Ksetra culture zone.

In his response to the reports, the Senior General said as visits of local and foreign travellers to observe the culture, systematic preservation of ancient objects contributes to the development of the Pyay region. Excavated items must be put on record and books for new generations. Documentary photos must be quality and put on record in computerization.
Archaeologists need to do research on the cultural works of Visakhapatnam city of India which are similar to that of ancient Pyu cities Hanlin, Beikthanoe and Sri Ksetra. Moreover, it is necessary to conduct research on relations between Mon, Pyu and Bamar ethnics and Pyu culture.

The cultural area must be internationally standardized to attract international tourists to observe the history of the region. As ancient culture zones are important for the tourism industry, preparations must be made for transport facilities and local shops in systematic arrangements for a possibly growing number of visitors. The government pledged to give assistance to Field School of Archaeology for teaching historical subjects.
The Senior General, wife and party viewed insignia and equipment displayed at the Sri Ksetra museum, literature and faiths, ancient objects, literary evidence, Pyu era bricks, architectural works, and Pyu equipment booths and instructed officials to systematically maintain historical evidence, keeping captions for all objects, translation for stone inscriptions in Pyu language to Myanmar for public observation. It is necessary to show ancient coins and ornaments on an LED screen and upgrade the museum to the digital one.
The Senior General inspected maintenance of the palace site in the culture zone and instructed officials to re-dredge the moat of the palace site.
Sri Ksetra city was established under the reign of King Duttabaung. It is a current residence of the people. The Department of Archaeology and National Museum has been conducting excavation and field research in the city since 1907. — MNA

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