SSPP/SSA (Wamhing) group attacks local ethnic people with small arms, grenades in peaceful procession in Namhkam

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Local ethnic people from Namhkam and the environs of Shan State (North) staged protests in peaceful procession in their area with no wish to SSPP/SSA (Wamhing) yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile, SSPP/SSA (Wamhing) group attacked the people with grenades, leaving innocent people dead and injured.
With regard to the event, local ethnic people from Namhkam and environs staged a peaceful procession of protest in Panpwe ground of Ward 5 yesterday afternoon with no desire to SSPP/SSA (Wamhing) in their area. On arrival at Myoma market, two men from SSPP/SSA (Wamhing) group by motorcycle fired three shots at the crowds with the use of a pistol and attacked them with grenades.
In the incident, two men from the protest were dead and five women were injured with bomb splinters.
The security troops rushed to the scene and performed necessary security measures. In searching there, they seized one Glock pistol, one magazine, 12 rounds of ammunition and four grenades.
The injured were sent to Namhkam Hospital for treatment, and security troops are conducting the security measures of the area.—MNA

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