Stop inciting young people to take to the streets

I read the news that a teenage girl has died during the demonstration. I do grieve when I see the word of the young generation’s deaths from all over the country. I do sympathize with them as they are the ages of my children.

According to the people who were present at the demonstration and the CCTV footage of the event that happened on 30th street in Mandalay, the crowd eventually back off when the security forces used tear gas to disperse them. And witnesses said that the youth, who was died of a gunshot in the abdomen, was shot while hiding behind a tree.

Ma Kyal Zin, who was in the back of the barricades surrounded by many men and crowds in front of her, was hit dead by a bullet that entered her head in Mandalay.

I also noticed that pre-death photos of her were immediately circulating online from various points of view. Another girl was also shot dead to the head during the riot in Nay Pyi Taw. When inspecting the bullet, it was found that the shot is not the type of ammunition used by police. However, the police shooting pictures, which coincided with her fall, are being posted on social media.
I even doubt that a person or an organization pre-planned to target young people. The pictures of them before being shot were taken with an exact and precise resolution. I think seeing them online simultaneously as their death is a source of hatred, resentment, and sadness towards the people.

It was seen that people are saying they were shot on the ground when the security forces fired in the air as the first warning. Some people instructed to destroy the CCTV footage. The front line of the protesting crowds was not shot but the young people in the middle. They also refused to inspect the incidents, and the pictures of the bullets spread on social media immediately after every gun shooting. The worst thing is that people who are not from the security forces are seen as armed with weapons.

No matter how much the wood is big, it can be easily divided once it is wedged. A wedge is a tool to break the massive thing. If we deliberate on the happenings across the country, we found that the arrest of the person who dropped the gun in Htauk Kyant; pistols found at the motorbike accident in Mandalay; the angry crowd saying they want guns and serve the country as public militia. I want to remind you that people are intentionally pushing the country towards a worse situation.

As the protests continue day after day, all can see that people are getting tired and facing financial difficulties and lives are affected by unstable and insecure circumstances. I assume that unscrupulous persons are likely to make incitements to accelerate the demonstrations for various reasons. We have seen they are inciting to let people die so that they will be provoked, which will lead to an intensified mass explosion.

Carrying fuel by charity vehicles and inviting the USA and UN by asking how many lives will be needed to be sacrificed leads to negative impacts than positive ones. The false news circulated on social media also raises public concern.

When young people are agitated, evil persons are pleased. In the 1988 revolution, there was this kind of crowd dispersal, as per my experience. Then, arms brokers tried to sell the weapons to the civilians. Similarly, this time, they will make the young people provoked and give them weapons. However, as people have no enough time to be trained, they will be the ones who will suffer.

What I want to appeal to the young protesters is that they should not try to risk confrontation. People who are inciting young people do not come forward anymore. They are not protecting young people from the frontline in the shooting. The bullets can be from the front of them as well as from behind. I condemn those who intentionally incite the public towards violence against the government, and I suggest the young people make conscious decisions.


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