Strengthen Myanmar’s health sector: A vital pursuit


In Myanmar, a popular saying echoes the sentiment that “Health is Wealth”, emphasizing the indispensable nature of good health in daily life. Indeed, without good health, individuals are limited in their ability to pursue various endeavours.
In 2024, the World Health Organization launched a significant campaign themed ‘My Health, My Right’. This initiative aimed to address the widespread lack of access to quality healthcare, education, and essential resources faced by millions worldwide. Factors such as poverty, geographical barriers, discrimination, and conflicts contribute to this disparity. The WHO’s goal is to advocate for a world where optimal health and well-being are achievable for all.
To meet the healthcare needs of its citizens, Myanmar has made concerted efforts to establish and operate healthcare institutions and facilities nationwide alongside private healthcare service providers. Through government initiatives and collaboration with relevant organizations, healthcare services have been extended from grassroots levels to major cities, ensuring broader accessibility.
Moreover, medical universities and training institutions are actively producing a significant number of medical professionals and healthcare workers who are deployed across the nation, even in remote areas. Additionally, military medical teams conduct field trips to provide essential healthcare services, including surgeries, at grassroots levels. Meanwhile, private clinics are also providing healthcare treatments to people not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.
Health professionals are dedicated to leveraging their expertise for the betterment of society. The commitment to providing comprehensive medical coverage across the nation is unwavering.
However, despite the recognition of health as a fundamental human right by at least 140 countries, many fail to enact and enforce laws guaranteeing access to healthcare services. This has resulted in over half of the global population, approximately 4.5 billion people, lacking full coverage of essential health services as of 2021.
Recognizing imperfection as inherent, Myanmar endeavours to cultivate a healthier society within its means. Access to quality healthcare services is deemed a deserved right for its people. The advancement of the nation’s health sector is intrinsically linked to its economic development. Therefore, concerted efforts from all sectors are essential to fortify the health sector and ensure its resilience and sustainability.
Bolstering Myanmar’s health sector requires collective contributions and commitment. By prioritizing health as a fundamental human right and investing in comprehensive healthcare infrastructure and services, Myanmar can strive towards a healthier and more prosperous future for all its citizens by granting healthcare services.

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