Study Myanmar Encyclopaedia volumes for life

A new version of Myanmar Encyclopaedia Volume I (Ka-Kote) illustrated with colourful photos in conformity with the current era came out in mid-May 2022, attracting enthusiasts and researchers to taste reading.
Truly, Myanmar had published fifteen volumes of Myanmar Encyclopaedia between 1954 and 1976, as favourite publications in the literary arena, significantly occupying the hearts of readers, writers, researchers and students.
However, the time has gone with the wind. Successive eras have changed. During the 60 years, many changes have occurred across the nation as well as throughout the world. As such, the government has been striving to re-publishing the encyclopaedia volumes since 2018 by revising, reediting and recomposing various items based on original topics useful for the people.
Myanmar Encyclopaedia firstly mentions Myanmar’s first letter “Ka”. Readers can taste gradual changes and progress of language based on the type of alphabet in comparison with the original form of the “Ka” letter. Moreover, the encyclopaedia features the natural environment of Myanmar, ethnicities, customs, culture, beliefs, livelihoods and so on as well as global affairs, events and historic persons.
The encyclopaedia is a treatise comprising topics on various subjects of arts and science, Myanmar and international affairs, and facts about various regions, persons, living beings and objects added in the current era. The topics based on the Ka-Kote of Myanmar letter aim to modernize the main subjects from the old encyclopaedia.
Actually, the encyclopaedia is a tool for readers to know things about how to improve themselves, how to develop the nation, how to start studies of technologies, and how to march towards the goal by taking lessons from past events.
Readers and users need to study and apply it to take initiation for improvement of the nation based on knowledge from the encyclopaedia. Those capable of searching for lessons from the events mentioned in the encyclopaedia can take advantage. It depends on the diversity of their capabilities. The more capable the person, the more advantages they can take. It is a kind of advantage in reading.
The encyclopaedia volume (Ka-Kote), the valuable reference book, is the first step of the government to let the reader people taste the best presentations. More plans are underway to publish the following volumes of encyclopaedia one after another in the future. Every country must have encyclopaedias in their versions. Myanmar will have fulfilled the real essence of literature based on the volumes of encyclopaedia in the near future.

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