Summer paddy cultivation succeeds in Twantay

The summer paddy cultivation succeeded in Takahle village, Twantay township, Yangon region with about 82,032 acres put under cultivation of monsoon paddy. In comparison, 32,938 acres were put under cultivation of summer paddy in 2020.

The villages in Twantay township are growing summer paddy mainly after harvesting the monsoon paddy because of sufficient irrigated water availability. The villagers have also cultivated mixed crops such as chilli, eggplant, sweet potato, gourd, ridge gourd, maize and ASEAN Eugenia.

The farmers are growing the summer paddy which is better suited to the region. The paddy species are 90 days, Ah Nyar Thar and Shwebo Chome summer paddy species.

“I am a paddy farmer from Takahle village. I have 20 acres of paddy fields. I have grown Taung Pyan species of monsoon paddy with a yield of only 50 baskets. The cultivation of the monsoon paddy cost around Ks 200,000 or Ks 300,000 per acre. During the rainy season, the paddy fields were destroyed by floods and golden snails. Thus, the paddy yield has dropped. So, the local farmers are mainly growing the summer paddy in their farmlands,” said U Win Yee, a local farmer from Takahle village.

He also added that I had grown both summer and monsoon paddies in our 20 acres of farmland. But, I have cultivated only the highly demanding species suited to our regions. Most of the villagers are growing 90 days, Ah Nyar Thar and Shwebo Chome summer paddy species, producing about 90 or 100 baskets per acre. We also need to use fertilizer to make high volume. We are using four fertilizer bags per acre. It is the summer paddy. So, we are supplying the irrigation water to the farmlands from the creek every two days. The cultivation cost of summer paddy is over K300,000 per acre. —Myo Hlaing (Twantay)/GNLM

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