Sustain the best endurance for overcoming difficulties in electrification


As electricity is crucial in the development of the country, the government is making efforts for meeting the demand of State projects and public consumption as much as possible.
The government generates electricity based on various kinds of energy sources. At present, the generation of electricity declines for various reasons. Hence, various difficulties hamper the supply of electricity to the people. As such, officials and departmental personnel need to clarify difficulties in the electrification process and organize them to participate in the efforts of generating electricity.
The gas pipeline is under repair. On completion in coming May, 30 million cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Shwe natural gas exploration project will be used to generate 150 megawatts. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy will strive for generating 195 more megawatts with the use of natural gas from the Shwe natural gas exploration project. Furthermore, inland natural gas is used in generating 30 megawatts for electrifying the people.
Moreover, the project for a natural gas and recycling power plant that can generate 135 megawatts is being implemented for the supply of electricity on schedules. A plan is underway to purchase some 120 megawatts from the Tarping-1 hydropower project to be fed into the national grid.
In addition, 22 towers are being repaired to supply some 220 megawatts from Biluchaung power stations to the national grid. Upon completion, the supply of electricity will meet the demand to some extent.
As a nature of Myanmar, generating electricity may slightly decline in summer due to the water level of water sources used in running turbines of hydropower plants. As such, people including industries cannot consume electricity at full capacity. Hence, all people need to patiently overcome such a kind of difficulties without putting blame on others.
At a time when the towers broken up by unscrupulous persons have been repaired and natural gas and hydropower power plants can be operated to generate electricity, the entire people will have to consume the electrification. Such a definite day when the adequate supply of electricity will be supplied is sure to reach the goal.
Up to now, the relevant ministries are seeking various ways and means for generating more electricity for public consumption day and night. Their efforts will be shifted into good results in the future. All Myanmar people need to sustain the best endurance capacity for overcoming various difficulties in the electrification process.

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