Systematically protect forests for reduction of deforestation


As a result of climate change, Southeast Asia suffers the worst effects among other regions, resulting in year after year of severe high temperatures. Dense populations on shores and extreme extraction of timber and natural resources in Southeast Asia trigger sensitivity to climate change.
Currently, Myanmar and neighbouring countries are facing high temperatures due to the impacts of El Nino. Some cities of Myanmar have stood on the world’s chart of day temperatures beyond the cities of countries located close to deserts. According to the weather forecast, the monsoon will be late for Myanmar, but it will leave the country early. So, the number of rainy days and rainfall will decline.
In this regard, it is necessary to reduce the subsequence of the global warming process, which is of concern to all international countries. As such, they all need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere remarkably. In fact, the emission of carbon dioxide is one of the factors destroying forests. As such, it is necessary to systematically protect forests in order to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and deforestation.
The thriving of forests plays a crucial role in the interests of the nation and the improvement of the environment. Hence, individuals have to grow trees and nurture these plants to have prosperous thriving in order to contribute to the sustainability of forest resources. As trees can give advantages to society from a young age, everybody needs to strive for complete growth of trees with protection against disasters, danger of animals and humans and other unexpected measures every day.
The government will manage the establishment of forest reserves and protected public forests in 30 per cent of the national areas and natural conservation areas in 10 per cent of the country by 2030 as part of efforts to systematically reduce deforestation and protect forests. Thus, all citizens of the nation need to participate in forest conservation and reforestation activities as much as they can. If so, the forest plan will meet the vision on schedule.
In fact, nobody can evade the danger of natural disasters caused by climate change. However, the areas covered by forests can mitigate natural disasters such as floods, overflow of water, landslides, and extreme impacts of weather. So, everybody needs to join the activities of growing various species of trees and protecting forests so as to ensure the thriving of bio-diversity species, including humans and harmonize the climatic conditions of the world for all living beings.

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