Tabu Hla Dam irrigation facilities increase summer paddy yields in Taikkyi

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A scenic beauty catches aerial view of Tabu Hla Dam in Taikkyi Township, Yangon Region. Photos: Kanu

Of 30,000 acres of summer paddy fields in Taikkyi and Hmawby townships in Yangon Region that are irrigated by Tabu Hla Dam, a total of 26,553 acres were well watered by the irrigation, increasing in yields.
The water was provided to summer paddy from the Tabu Hla Dam as of 15 December 2021, and the summer paddy was harvested in the first week of April. Due to the abundance of irrigated water, between 90 and 100 baskets of summer paddy were produced per acre, making the farmers delighted.
Efforts will be made to supply full irrigation water depending on the expansion of cultivation, said Staff Officer U Tun Tun Win of the Taikkyi Township Department of Irrigation and Water Utilization Management.
In addition to summer paddy, more than 4,000 acres of sunflower plantations will be grown in Taikkyi Township, in January and February, 2023, according to the Staff Officer.
Tabu Hla Dam was completed on 27 May 1995, aimed to irrigate 52,000 acres of farmland in Taikkyi and Hmawby Townships. In the first week of May this year, more than 15 feet of water remained in the dam, and during the rainy season, more than 195 feet deep of water was pumped in. The dam supplies water to 52,000 acres of irrigated farmland areas through three 6×4 feet conduits.—Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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