Tamarind prices remain unchanged until mid-year


In early 2022, as the tamarind production rate in the new tamarind season is low and the price can be high during this year some people store the tamarind, the merchants considered.
However, the tamarind dealers from the Bayintnaung wholesale centre said the tamarind prices would not be high during this year.
In early 2021, chopped tamarind was priced at K2,300 per viss while Pwint Kat at K2,400-2,500, flesh K2,900-3400, and the Pwint Kat K1,500-1,600 and flesh K2,200-2,700 in May, and in December the price of Pwint Kat was K1,700 and flesh K2,700-2,800.
In mid-January 2022, the new tamarind entered the Yangon market. Before the entry, the old Pwint Kat price was K1,800 per viss. On 14 January, the new chopped tamarind price was K2,000 per viss and the price dropped to K1,800 in February.
During these days, the new Pwint Kat was priced at K2,100-2,200 per viss and the old flesh was K2,000-2,900 per viss. In early March, the chopped was K 2,000 per viss while K2,200 per viss of Pwint Kat and K3,200 per viss of flesh. The new tamarind from Pyay, Padigon and Thegon regions entered the Yangon market. The new tamarind from Yamethin, Popa, Kyaukpadaung, Mahlaing and Pakokku regions also entered the market in the early period of the year.
A clear salutation of whether the tamarind price this year will be high as the prices in 2020 can be found within the next four or five months. On 1 August, the Pwint Kat was priced at K2,100-2,200 per viss and flesh at K2,400-3,650 per viss, according to the tamarind wholesale centre on Khayay street of Bayintnaung. — TWA/GNLM

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