Taninthayi Buddha’s Footprint pagoda

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There are two ways to the pagoda—concrete road and dirt road. The pilgrims can reach there by car or motorcycle or on foot. The Taninthayi Chay Buddha’s Footprint pagoda festival was held during the Thingyan festival in previous years.

Taninthayi Township in Myeik District of Taninthayi Region boasts of many ancient pagodas. This week, we would like to highlight the Chay Taw Yar pagoda (Buddha footprint) located on the mountain called Thamantakuta. The mountain is situated between Lal Taung Yar Kyay Village and Tamote Chone Village and the pagoda is constructed on a 2,414 feet high rock called Ga Za Yazar which was in the shape of a laying elephant. The Set Taw Yar is 57 inches in length, 20 inches in width of heel and 29 inches in width of the tips of the foot. The Gaza Yazar rock is 43 feet in length, 21 feet in width and 14ft in height.
The Buddha visited the Thamantakuta hill of Leitaungya after visiting around for alms from the Khayin of Taninthayi. Then, He sat on the Gaza Yazar stone. Meanwhile, Hermit Thiha and Dragon King Mani Akkhita donated alms to the Lord Buddha. The Buddha delivered sermons to the King of Thamantakuta hill and other celestial beings in the forests. Then, He made a footprint of His right foot on Gaza Yazar stone in 111 ME, according to the records.
The wonders of Taninthayi Sett Taw Yar are as follows:
Although it existed on the natural rock about 2,600 years ago, the shape stays the same in its original structure.
There is water in the footprint in any season.
The rock with the Buddha footprint is not attached to another layer of stone.
The rock is in the shape of laying elephant.
The rock is surrounded by the stone structures of Dragon King and Tortoise King.
There are the footprints of Arhat, Elephant and Horse beside the Buddha footprint.
If someone begins the observance of resolution for religious purpose within the Sett Taw Yar compound, the water leaks more and the symbols of Sa Ma appears on the rock.
The climate suddenly changes when the Special Beings, Dragon, Weik-za and Zaw Gyi visit there to pay homage to the Buddha footprint.
The rays of light and fire come out.
It is easy to attain tranquillity for meditation and there are plenty of stone caves where the hermits take meditation.
The lotus with 24 inches in diameter blooms near the Sett Taw Yar.
There are plenty of rare various aromatic tuber herbs and snow lotus.
The Taninthayi River Brothers and the mountains pay homage for many times.
The mountain is the highest one compared to the others in vicinity areas.
The big snakes, tigers and gorillas can be seen there but they are a no longer danger to the people.
Two cities Kaw Thamvi and Taninthayi emerged on the right and left of the mountain.
The ancient people take the granite from the mountain and curve them into Buddha images and commemorative wooden post for the establishment of the city.
The people can see the mountain like large fish swimming in the waves of Taninthayi mountains wherever they look.
There are two ways to the pagoda — concrete road and dirt road. The pilgrims can reach there by car or motorcycle or on foot. The Taninthayi Buddha’s Footprint Taung pagoda festival was held during the Thingyan festival in previous years.
Although there was no concrete road, the people paid a visit to the pagoda on foot in groups. The people can enjoy the picturesque cloud sea view in the early morning. There are about 500 pilgrims to the pagoda daily, according to the Township Sangha Nayaka Chairman Sayadaw Bhaddanta Jotika.
The Township Sangha Nayaka Committee, Chay Taw Yar Taung pagoda board of trustees and the well-wishers jointly construct a two-storey religious hall for the pilgrims to take a rest peacefully, hold Maha Pathana recitation ceremony and donation ceremony by organizing a ceremony to lay the foundation for building the religious hall on 26 February 2021.
Therefore, I would like to urge the pilgrims, people who love travelling and climbers to visit to Taninthayi Buddha footprint pagoda full of mysterious things, picturesque nature and fresh breeze on behalf of Taninthayi residents. — Nanthayi-Htein Win/GNLM

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