Tatmadaw donates medical aids, oxygen tanks to COVID-19 centres

Tatmadaw NS

Tatmadaw is donating medical supplies, oxygen tanks and nutritious foods to relevant COVID-19 centres, said the source with the Tatmadaw.
Military doctors and nurses are taking duties at public hospitals and COVID-19 centres as the pandemic outbreaks is arising, according to the Tatmadaw.
The donations were made to public hospitals in various regions and states starting from 1 July, said Tatmadaw officials.
COVID-19 Centers, Military hospitals; Health Departments, religious schools, schools and local communities are being provided with 566 oxygen tanks, 280,162 pieces of Surgical Masks, 10 sets of Personal Protective Equipment PPE, 479 bottles of hand gel, 150 pieces of face shield, 4 gallons of water sanitizers, 100 pieces of surgical gloves, engine oil, foodstuffs and cashes, Tatmadaw officials said.
Similarly, donors are contributing necessary aids to the COVID-19 centres, which are being carried out by the Tatmadaw.
In doing so, all the donations were received by the Tatmadaw officials and the certificates were returned. —MNA

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