Tatmadaw will accept negotiation with any ethnic armed organizations except for organizations declared as terrorist groups: Senior General

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nly when the country restores peace which can prevail stability and tranquility, will it carry out development of the country, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 13/2021 of the State Administration Council at the SAC Chairman Office yesterday afternoon.
In his opening address, security and political situation of the State are being systematically managed despite high infection rate of COVID-19 at present. Terror acts could be wiped out as of August through cooperation of region and state administrative bodies and security personnel.
The Senior General stressed that the direct management beyond the steps may decline the capabilities of administration and management bodies. Requirements can be submitted while management is authorized. The management arena cannot allow anyone to be beyond the policies and laws, work procedures as they like. The assigned duties must be implemented to have success. Correctly walking along the path of multiparty democracy is the main aim with firm guarantee.
As infection of COVID-19 depended on travels and following the disciplines of the people, temporarily closing of schools and restriction of travels were undertaken. High infection rate and death rate can be seen in other countries. Office holidays were set to be able to mitigate the infection rate. At present, infection and death rates gradually decline thanks to cooperation of the people. Likewise, relevant ministries, private organizations, companies and individual persons cooperate in ensuring availability of COVID-19 vaccines and oxygen for the people.
Coordination has been undertaken with India, China, Russia and other countries to purchase COVID-19 vaccines to be injected into the people. To supply oxygen, all the factories across the nation which can generate oxygen produce the gas to be supplied to the people in time whenever they need. It is necessary to vaccinate the people, continuously import the medicines for treatment as well as produce the medicines with sufficient volume at home. Quarantine centres are extended while hospitals should be prepared.
The Senior General stressed the need to call back the citizens who arrive in foreign countries with various reasons. So far, 6,209 citizens returned from China, Thailand and Laos from 25 July to 6 August. Among them, COVID-19 patients are being admitted at the hospitals. Relief flights are arranged to call back the citizens from other countries.
The Tatmadaw is an organization which has signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) which emerged due to negotiation based on proposals of EAOs. The Tatmadaw pledges to continuously walk along the peace route by standing on the NCA path. The Tatmadaw will accept negotiation with any ethnic armed organizations except for the organizations declared as the terrorist groups. Only when the country restores peace which can prevail stability and tranquility, will it carry out development of the country. If so, the country will be stable on the path of multiparty democracy the people inspire. Prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 are being taken in the areas of ethnic armed organizations. Those EAOs need to have behaviors, talks and moves based the peace if they actually wish to restore the peace. If NCA non-signatories implement the points of NCA, they cooperate in peace and democracy.
As COVID-19 affects businesses, the road map comprises that actions will be taken to ensure the speedy recovery of businesses from the impact of COVID-19 as much as possible. Incorrect ways of operating the businesses are breaking the law. The State will provide necessary assistance for resumption of businesses at home.
Some countries exercise e-banking system and card system but Myanmar emphasizes currency note systems in banking services. CDM activities caused shortages of banking servants. Such situation was stable to some extent in July. Now, banks allow withdrawl of currency with the purpose of prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19.
The new Union Election Commission was assigned to scrutinize the voter lists in the 2020 general election in respective regions and states. Final findings were released on 26 July. Representatives from international community and diplomats will be invited to show the vote-rigging measures.
The Senior General said that he clarified situation of Myanmar at the ASEAN Leaders Meeting on 24 April. It declared the five-point consensus of ASEAN. Former foreign ministers from Indonesia and Malaysia and former deputy foreign minister from Thailand were proposed for appointment of ASEAN special envoy. The Senior General said he proposed the deputy foreign minister of Thailand. ASEAN Chair Brunei Sultan offered his foreign minister as ASEAN envoy, so he was approved.
Myanmar will take measures in the ASEAN framework on the correct international relations. Myanmar exercises the independent and active foreign policy based on five principles of peaceful co-existence and good relationship with all countries. Such standing will never change, and it will continue within the framework.
SAC members discussed soonest enactment of national security act, invitation to foreign investment for importing fuel, establishment of the plants to produce fuel in the country, assistance of Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development for the people during COVID-19 period, production of traditional medicine which can fight against COVID-19, establishment of oxygen plants in respective townships, assistance for displaced persons, prioritized vaccination on medical doctors, nurses and their families, and appointment of medical doctors and nurses in Kayah State.
The Senior General said he will scrutinize the plan to draft the national security act. Rewards will be given to those who inform the authorities about the terrorists. Relevant departments are conducting the research to produce COVID-19 vaccine with the use of traditional medicinal plants. Efforts will be made for ensuring a half down of COVID-19 infection rate in August. And the people were urged to cooperate in reducing the disease infection rate.
Health personnel will be assigned for Kayah State. Development tasks depend on income of the State. At present, some trips of rail and aviation transportation are being operated with loss with the aim of ensuring proper connections among regions and states and for travelling the people. The sports sector plays a key role in uplifting morality of the citizens. So, arrangements are being made to build gymnasiums, stadiums and swimming pools in all regions and states.
A plan is underway to vaccinate health staff and their families. The government emphasizes narrowing of the development gap between regions and states as well as urban and rural areas so as to encourage the ethnic people.
In his conclusion speech, the SAC Chairman Prime Minister said that they are carrying out the government tasks in a smooth process. It is necessary to consider extension of new sectors. The unrests and terror acts based on vote-rigging in the 2020 election are being combated. Emphasis must be placed on development tasks while prioritizing the peace and stability, especially political stability. The provisional government temporarily takes the responsibility of the country, and when the emergency period runs out, the election will be held under the law. Undertakings will be carried out to hand over the State duty to the government emerged by the election in accord with the Constitution.
The Senior General said the Provisional Government of Myanmar is implementing the policies adopted by the State Administration Council, primarily emphasizing the economic affairs. All the SAC members need to prioritize the interests of the State in carrying out the tasks based on their individual experiences.—MNA


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