Terrorists arrested with weapons, ammunition and homemade explosives in Ayeyawady region

Security forces have been carrying out investigations to identify and arrest terrorists who are committing terror acts, destruction, and assassination to innocent people under the instruction of NUG, a terrorist organization. Between 18 and 27 September, a total of 27 men and 2 women were arrested together with weapons, ammunition, explosives and homemade guns and related materials in Ayeyawady Region.
On 18 September 2021, Sithu Aung, Aung Naing Htwe, and Bo Bo Tun were arrested at the check-point in front of Innma police station between Kyaunggon and Pantanaw. According to Sithu Aung’s revelation, Stalinn was arrested in Kanyutkon village, Kangyidaunt township, Ayeyawady Region.
Following his confession, Soe Paing from Thabaung Township was arrested with a pistol magazine, 1 homemade air gun, 2 homemade mines, and a box of gunpowder; Ye Moe from Kangyidaunt Township was arrested with 1 percussion; Aung Aung was arrested with 1 homemade gun on 19 September. On 20 September, Aung Myint was arrested in Kalagon village, Kangyidaunt township; Ye Lin Naung and Aung Dana Ye Win Thu, were arrested in Kangyidaung township; Zaw Htike and Thet Htar Wai were arrested in Pathein.
According to the confession of Zaw Htike, Htet Htet was arrested with one walkie-talkie, 1 bow, 34 arrows, 1 can of sulfur powder, 7 cans of gunpowder, 1,400 iron balls and 60 matches on 21 September.
According to the confession of Sithu Aung, Soe Min Tun, Sa Soe Moe Kyaw, Aung Ko Ko, Tun Aye, Nay Lin Aung, Hla Myo Min, Hla Kyi and Nyi Zaw Latt, were arrested between milestone 0/4 and 0/5 on Pathein-Thabaung road, Thabaung, Ayeyawady Region.
According to the revelation of Nyi Zaw Latt, Thaung Myint was arrested with 1pistol, 15 9MM bullets, magazine, 5 percussion lock firearms, 1 homemade mine and related materials in Thabaung; Aung Khin Htay was arrested on Pathein-Ngwe Saung road on 23 September.
Tun Aye and Soe Min Tun revealed that they hid weapons in their houses, and on 23 September, 22 homemade mines, 13 percussion lock firearms, 28 gunpowder, 1 homemade mine, 70 pieces of fire crackers and 9 bags of rice were confiscated from the house of Tun Aye, and 4 percussion lock firearm from the house of Soe Min Tun.
According to the revelation of Nay Lin Aung, 1 homemade mine, 6 percussion lock firearms and 4 homemade air guns were confiscated from the compound of Nyein Tin in Kangyidaunt, on 24 September. Chan Nyein was arrested with 34 homemade mines, 85 gunpowder straps, 1 box of gunpowder, 150 iron balls, 18 9V batteries, and related materials used in homemade mines on 25 September.

According to the confession of Nyi Zaw Latt, 1 pistol, 1 magazine, 50 9mm bullets, 1 walkie-talkie and 1 memory stick were confiscated on 26 September from the rubber field owned by Min Min in Doepinseik village, Kangyidaunt Township.
On 27 September, Sein Kan was arrested with 3 homemade launchers, 3 iron-body homemade revolvers in Kangyidaunt. Min Soe was arrested with 6 homemade bombs and 1 sound bomb in his rice mill in Pathein Township. Nay Thet Soe was arrested with 1 Beretta pistol, 2 magazine, 350 .22 bullets and 50 9mm bullets in Ngathainggyoung, Yekyi Township. Following his statement, 2 boxes of gunpowder and 90 detonators were confiscated from a rice field in Bwengu village, Yekyi Township. Thaung Hlaing was arrested with 46 homemade percussion lock firearms hidden in his house’s backyard in Maubin Township.
According to the confessions of the arrested suspects, Aung Naing Htwe (arrested) and Wai Lin (on the run) set fire to the ward administration office in Padaukpin village, Kangyidaunt Township on 14 March 2021. Bo Bo Tun (arrested) and Kyaw Zin Htwe (on the run) assassinated U Maung Maung Myint, a USDP party member near Shwe Kan Thar bus terminal in Kangyidaunt Township on 29 August 2021.
These terrorists were arrested as responsible citizens reported that former NLD MP Wai Yan Aung was reportedly directing the main plan to assassinate innocent people and departmental staff and carry out local bombings in Kangyidaunt Township.
The arrested suspects will be taken action under the law, and the people are requested to work together for the peace and stability of the state by secretly informing the actions and places of the terrorists to relevant authorities. — MNA

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