Terrorists arrested with weapons, ammunition on Phyo Zeyar Thaw’s confession

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A press release was issued on 17 November regarding the arrest of a total of 47 suspects – 40 males and 7 females who killed security forces at Thanlyin Bridge, North Okkalapa Bridge, Bargayar Traffic Light, under the order of terrorist NUG, and NLD party member Phyo Zeyar Thaw. They were arrested with 34 assorted small arms, 70 assorted magazines, 2,105 assorted rounds of ammunition, 17 40mm bombs, 10 homemade bombs, eight mines, five smoke bombs, seven bags of gunpowder, and one binocular.
Another press release was issued on 18 November that NLD party member Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw, who has been behind the acts of violence in Yangon, including the killing of security forces, innocent civilians and civil service personnel was arrested together with two pistols, 48 rounds of 9mm ammunition, one M16 gun, 74 rounds of 5.56 ammunition in Dagon Myothit (Seikkan) Township in Yangon.
According to the statement of Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw, 21 places rented for the accommodation of terrorist groups in Yangon were identified. Security forces conducted search operations in these places, and the following 18 places were found without any terrorists.
– 4th floor, No (26), Laeyar Shwemye street, Myitta Nyunt ward, Tamway Township
– 4th floor, No (764), Marlar Nwe street, Myitta Nyunt ward, Tamway Township
– 3rd floor, No (512), Wunna Theinga street, Myitta Nyunt ward, Tamway Township
– 4th floor, No (83), Tagaung (5) street, South Okkalapa Township
– 4th floor, No (64/A), Theingi (2) street, Thakayta Township
– 4th floor, No (64/B), Theingi (2) street, Thakayta Township
– 1st floor, No (42), Strand Road, Kyimyindine Township
– Room number (106), Building A, Bo Myat Tun Tower, Maha Bandula Road, Botahtaung Township
– No (4,3,76), ward (12) Thukha Yeiktha road, Yankin Township
– 1st floor, No (314/5), Banya Dala Road, Tamway Township
– 5th floor, No (374), Strand Road, Kyimyindine Township
– 3rd floor, No (177), Migathi Road, South Okkalapa Township
– No (23), Khanmarsaung road, Taunglonepyan ward, Mingala Taung Nyunt Township
– No (710), Ngamoeyate (3) street, Thingangyun Township
– No (523), Ngamoeyate (4) street, Thingangyun Township
– 5th floor, No (291), Thamein Bayan Road, Kyipwayay ward, Thingangyun Township
Security forces continued the operation in the rest of the places, and found and confiscated five smoke bombs, 5 22-point bullets and related items used in homemade bomb in No (878), Thadayone street, 47 ward, Dagon Myothit (North) Township, and seven M16 guns, eight AK-47s, 15 Mk12s, three M4 A1, three FCG-9s, two Snipers, one Carbine, 11 pistols, 128 homemade pistols, 50 M16 magazines, 14 AK-47 magazines, 30 Mk12 magazines, 6 FCG-9 magazines, 30 magazines of pistol, 3,850 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 250 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 610 rounds of pistol ammunition, 2,700 rounds of 12-volt ammunition, 150 rounds of point-45 ammunition, 1,000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition, 26 40mm bombs, six bombs, 30 items related to Mk12, 18 grenades, 15 grenades, 138 homemade bombs, three big homemade bombs, 39 homemade bombs, 25 bags of gunpowder, 43 bags of homemade gunpowder, 800 detonators, 9 rounds of 1.25 pounds C4 gunpowder, 153 rounds of 0.25 pounds of TNT gunpowder, 14 transistors, 16 keypad phones, seven watches, 12 satellite phones, one radio, five visses of 2.5 inches iron nail (altogether 50 assorted firearms, 128 homemade pistols, 130 assorted magazines, 8,560 assorted rounds of ammunition, 26 40mm bombs, six mines, 33 assorted grenades, 180 homemade mines, 163 TNT rounds of ammunition, 9 rounds of C4 ammunition, 800 detonators, 12 satellite phones and related explosives) at No 67, Thukhita road, (29) ward, Thingangyun Township.
Security forces also found and confiscated 39 assorted firearms, 76 assorted magazines, and 5,200 rounds of ammunition in No (142), Ngwe Taik Soe, Pyithaya lane (2), (za) northward, Thingangyun Township, and arrested Hla Moe Than, 42, and Aung Win Naing, 45, who came to the place to carry weapons/ammunition, together with 1 pistol, 10 rounds of ammunition, and 1 Probox car.
According to the statement of defendant Aung Win Naing, security forces searched No (818/B), Singu ward, Kyaw Zeya (2) street, Insein Township, and found and confiscated 60 rounds of 9mm ammunition, one homemade bomb, four walkie-talkies, one binocular, two bulletproof vests, and two swords.
According to the statement of Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeya Thaw, security forces searched the place where he was arrested and found and confiscated one Lenovo laptop, one MacBook, one hard disk, one satellite phone, two handphones, ATM cards of CB Bank and AYA bank, one passport, lists of places to be carried out terrorist acts, lists of people to be killed and women accessories.
According to his statement, women accessories belong to Thazin Nyunt Aung (in hiding) who helped in writing party victory songs and short films for the NLD party. She had been living with him and the condo was rented with Ko Nyan (in hiding), Ku Ku (in hiding) to live with her.
According to the initial statement of Maung Kyaw (aka) Phyo Zeyar Thaw, pistols and homemade pistols were issued based on the mission presented by the assassination group, and it was intended to kill ward/village administrators, civil service personnel, members of the USDP party and other opposing political parties and their families, in order to disrupt the administration of the State Government.
Rifles and powerful ammunition were to be used in the level-2 attacks to the pillars of the Government’s defence, political and administration starting from 15 November under the operation name “Pyanhlwar Aung). Their attacks intended to explode bombs in public areas, administration buildings, schools, and to kill security forces.
Since 12 November, a total of 50 terrorists – 43 males and seven females, including Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw, have been arrested together with weapons and ammunition stated above and stimulant tablets. The landlords of the apartments/houses where terrorists rented and stayed will be taken action under the law and the acts of violence committed by Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw will further be reported.—MNA

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