Terrorists threaten schoolchildren going to school with bomb blasts

In addition to committing acts of vandalism and armed attacks, CRPH, NUG, and PDF terrorists have taken up a next-level terrorist act by exploding schools in some regions and states in Myanmar.
On 31 October, at around 6:50 pm, a bomb explosion happened near No (1) Basic Education Primary School in Kadoekon ward, Myoma ward, ChaungU town in Sagaing Region. When the security forces arrived at the scene following the report, a dead terrorist was found with wounds from the explosion and a mobile phone was confiscated near him. The blast shattered the school’s ceilings and windows.

A similar situation was happened yesterday afternoon in front of the Basic Education High School (Kyimyindine)on Bagayar road and security forces seized the pieces of PVC pipe and circuits with the pieces of the exploded phone. It is reported that the blast didn’t affect anyone or any building.
As a result of these incidents, the people are requested to work together with the security forces for the stability of the country, and it is also reported that investigations are underway to arrest them as soon as possible and to take effective action against them. — MNA

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