Thailand primary source of Myanmar’s export in 9 months, accumulating over US$2.6 bln

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Cargo trucks in a queue at Myawady border.

Thailand ranked first among Myanmar’s leading ten export partners with US$2.6 billion over the past nine months of the current financial year 2023-2024, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.
China is the second largest export partner, with $2.205 billion between 1 and 29 December. In terms of export market share, the remaining are Japan with $862.232 million, India with $627 million, the US with $442.47 million, Germany with $403 million, Poland with $368 million, Spain with $333 million, the Republic of Korea with $293.6 million and Italy with $238.242 million.
Garment exports earned the highest of the top 10 export commodities this FY, at $3.25 billion. The export values stood at $2.49 billion from natural gas export, $529.67 million from black gram, $478.26 million from rice and broken rice, $279 million from corn, $258.7 million from fish, $213 million from green gram, $144 million from raw rubber, $105 million from pigeon pea and $85.56 million from metal and ores.
Myanmar exports black gram, rice and broken rice, corn, green gram, rubber, pigeon pea, sesame, onion, turmeric, tamarind, dried ginger, konjac, castor oil seed, coffee bean, cashew nuts, cotton, cassava, watermelon, muskmelon, mango, tissue-culture banana, agricultural produce, various fish, shrimp, eel, crab and dried fish to external markets.
Additionally, Myanmar has been exerting efforts to enhance manufacturing exports, and veneer and plywood, finished forest products, clothes, sugar and other manufacturing products are also sent to foreign markets.
Myanmar exports goods by sea and land but also by air. — NN/EM

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