Thanlyin real estate attracts buyers, predicted to be better when bridge construction completes

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Thanlyin entrance signboard.

Attention from potential buyers has mounted over properties in Thanlyin Township, which is located across Bago River from Yangon, in May and it is predicted that the township’s property market will be more vibrant when Thanlyin Bridge project ends, according to Thanlyin-based real estate service agencies.

“Property transactions are happening now. Buyers have come to observe the market and some have bought. Some buyers consider transportation barrier such as traffic congestion on the bridge, so prices get changed in some transactions. If this difficulty is eased, land plot prices will reach as expected. In this month, interests in Thanlyin’s real estate have escalated and buying and selling has been fine” said Thanlyin-based estate agent Ko Sai Lin.

photo 2024 05 23 18 20 22
Thanlyin Bridge under construction.
photo 2024 05 23 18 20 24
Thanlyin township map.

In previous months, the market was slow but active again this month, and it is expected to be good in monsoon season.

“In monsoon season, many transactions usually happen. It is the best time to make observation of the market in monsoon, because buyers can witness the real situation, for example- where it floods or where it doesn’t. Currently, Aung Chan Thar ward and Amu-htan ward are the best selling areas. Most of the transactions happened in these two wards,” said Ko Sai Lin.

On 21 May, the Thanlyin Township Property Service Association elected its executive members.

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