The following remarks are made by attendees at the 31st Annual General Meeting of the UMFCCI.

U Nai Aung Than
Mon State UMFCCI vice-president 3
On this occasion, we will hand over the responsibility and tasks to our new members. This event aimed to let the elected individuals take on the role and responsibilities to spur the development of the federation. We must exert our concerted efforts to improve our country. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and its affiliated associations in Mon State are joining hands together. Entrepreneurs and businesspersons across the nation are engaged in the federation so it plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth. Those elected individuals have to better contribute to the development of the State with selfless services.

U Aung Win, a member of Central Executive Committee
Yaung Ni Oo Company
It is the executive, central executives and the industry peers’ candidate selection event, which is the annual general meeting. We have elected CEC members. We will monitor the activities and performances of the new members. There are existing members of the CEC in the teams. I would like to show my genuine appreciation for the good work of the then president in tackling the issues of the affiliated associations, handling the supply chain shortages for the people and fostering strong linkages between the public sector and private businesses. The newly elected president will take on a variety of roles and tasks.

U Myo Han (acting president)
Kawthoung Chamber of Commerce
I feel proud of the transparent activities of the federation to the members. I am also delighted with the future plans of the association for the State and our people. I believe those elected will achieve in balancing strengths and weaknesses.
Last but not least, the participation of women among the executive candidates shows women’s empowerment in the industry. Genuine efforts towards growth are of the greatest importance.

U San Thein
(an executive of UMFCCI)
It is the first-ever year-end meeting of UMFCCI. It is quite interesting with a valuable overview of the one-year performance.
I hope they will promote private sector-led growth.

U Thaung Win (CEC, UMFCCI)
This is an annual meeting with many businesspersons. This year, the executive member election is the highlight. The candidates have been elected in November. This event will publicly declare the new executive members.
We explored and invented solutions for business facilitation through this productive meeting. There are much better opportunities than the pandemic-stricken times.

U Aung Shin
(President of Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association)
This is annual general meeting of the UMFCCI. It is also the farewell to former President U Zaw Min Win who served for 30 years at the UMFCCI. We would like to extend a congratulatory message and appreciation to the president for his real efforts. Now, we can see all came together to congratulate his contributions, services and achievements. —TWA/GNLM

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