The message sent by State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing to ceremony to mark 76th Anniversary of Kachin State Day

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10 January 2024

Esteemed national brethren in Kachin State,
On the occasion of the 76th Anniversary of Kachin State, which falls today, I extend my greetings with best wishes to the people of Kachin State and all national brethren across the nation physical and mental well-being.
All ethnic groups have been residing in Myanmar for many years through thick and thin, sharing fortune and standing tall across the world. The 10th of January was designated as Kachin State Day in honour of forming the Kachin State government at the first Kachin State Council Conference held on 10 January 1948 in the post-independence period of Myanmar. The celebrations have been held annually, and today is the 76th occasion of its kind. More than 1.7 million of the population, including Shan ethnic groups, Bamar and other ethnics are residing in Kachin State in fraternity in addition to Kachin ethnic groups, namely Jingphaw, Lachid, Lawwaw, Lisu and Zaiwa and Shan ethnic groups such as Tailon, Taileng, Taikhamti, Taisa and Tailey.
Costumes, traditional dances, literature, culture and customs of Kachin ethnic groups are grandeur, and Manaw dance presented by Kachin ethnic with traditional costumes is a traditional culture showing preferable unity.
Moreover, it is a state blessed with valuable natural resources and an excellent and beautiful natural environment with fertile soil. Beautiful scenes of year-round snow-capped mountains and pleasant Indawgyi Lake and Myitsone areas are symbols of the state.
As Kachin State has many natural resources blessed by nature, if development tasks can be undertaken for the state based on these natural scenes and natural resources, national and ethnic people will have socioeconomic development and job opportunities.
Now is a time for the State Administration Council, which is taking State responsibilities under the Constitution (2008). The State Administration Council has been implementing a five-point roadmap and nine objectives since its establishment.
The current situation is being managed by the emergence of a peaceful and prosperous future for the State and all national people. Setting national visions: prosperous nation and food security, political visions: strengthening the genuine disciplined multiparty democratic system and building a Union based on the democratic system and federalism are being initiated. The government and Tatmadaw pledge to join hands with ethnic people in successfully implementing adopted visions, roadmaps, and objectives, as well as strengthening the multiparty democratic system.
To achieve success in the implementation of national and political visions, as it is important for the enhancement of intelligence and knowledge of local ethnic people, a particular emphasis must be placed on the promotion of education.
Currently, the government is implementing plans to develop socioeconomic life, including agriculture, livestock, education, health, communications and electric power sectors for the development of Kachin State. Moreover, I would like to emphasize the socioeconomic improvement of ethnic people in the State and development undertakings by encouraging booming MSME businesses based on natural products such as wood, bamboo, rattan and other materials.
If Kachin State can maintain existing natural resources and systematically promote the production of value-added products, it will contribute to the sufficiency of needs in the state and supply the demands of the country. Moreover, products can be exported abroad as it is a border area, which will help improve the socioeconomic life of the local people and generate income for the State.
The government cooperates with ethnic people, including Tatmadaw, to safeguard the Union’s non-disintegration, national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty as national political duties based on genuine patriotic spirit forever.
It is necessary to follow NCA so as to ensure peace of the whole Union, which is essential for building a peaceful and prosperous nation that all people aspire to. In forging peace in our country, only when national brethren have to seek the solution in political dialogue based on the Union spirit will they achieve success. I would like to urge all ethnic people to harmoniously serve the interest of the State through the united strength.
During the period from the post-independence period to date, as border areas and ethnic areas, including Kachin State, have been missing chances for peace and stability, local ethnic people cannot enjoy the essence of independence and encounter social problems. Hence, I urge all of you to cease the tragic events in our era and try hard to hand over a good legacy for the future to new generations by building a developed nation with durable peace.
In conclusion, I send a message of honour to the 76th Anniversary of Union Day, sincerely urging ethnic people, including national brethren from Kachin State who actually adore the nation and the nationals, to participate in peace and stability of the State, perpetual peace, prosperity of the State, food security, socioeconomic development and building a Union based on the democratic system and federalism with might and main.
Senior General
Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu
Thadoe Thiri Thudhamma
Min Aung Hlaing
Prime Minister
State Administration Council

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