Thoroughly solve child labour problems to fight poverty

Global countries face problems of child labour which triggers earning of income by school-age children at the jobs for their families but they are absent in classrooms. Especially, a large number of child workers can be seen in less developed countries.
According to the statistics in 2017, children, 29 per cent of the respective countries from Africa downstream Sahara are working for their survival. The children between five and 14 years, accounting for 50 per cent, are working for their earnings in some African countries.
The problem of child labour is not easily controllable in 76 countries, according to the report of an international survey in recent year. The report mentioned Myanmar as the 10 most dangerous countries. Children fall into a life of workers because of poverty in their families. Some children work at agriculture and livestock farms to earn income for their families. Some children miss chances to attend the school because of the far distance from residences. Some of them face the unwillingness of parents and guardians to encourage their education measures.
The larger number of child labour tarnishes the image of relevant countries. Truly, it is necessary to invest development of children and youths without fail for nurturing the qualified human resources of the nation. The children who untimely dropped out of school move to the workplaces which exploit the labour of children with cheap wages. In the long run, those children’s works fall into the vicious plights after setting up the families in poverty.
The large basic stratum at a low education level is a burden to the nation as well as a danger for a democratic nation. Indeed, as the problem of child labour is a side effect of poverty, the government and the people are to join hands in striving for eliminating poverty under the long-term plan. In so doing, all the education facilities such as schools and libraries are reachable for children. If so, they will have easy access to learning and reading facilities to improve their qualification so as to escape from the life of nightmare.
In a democratic nation, all kinds of opportunities are open to all. If they have the capacity to secure these opportunities, they will have. But they have to try hard for possessing the capacity at first to secure chances. To do so, everybody needs to learn from their childhood without surrendering any challenges while the authorities need to create the proper environments for children to improve their lives.

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