TNLA terrorists demolish pagoda using backhoe in northern Shan State

nant sam sskm
Photos show the pagoda before and after destruction.

The TNLA terrorists reportedly dismantled a pagoda, which was meticulously built by Buddhists, using a backhoe. The destruction began on 10 January and was completed by 20 January, during which terrorists also plundered treasure housed inside the pagoda.
The pagoda itself was initially constructed a long time ago by Palaung Sawbwagyi Maha Thray Sithu Sao Khun Pan Sein.
The intentional and disrespectful act of destroying the Buddhist pagoda by TNLA terrorists is considered a grave insult to Buddhism. Consequently, reports indicate that Buddhist monks and citizens find these disrespectful actions unacceptable and strongly condemn them. — MNA/TRKM

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