To be able to reduce the use of firewood, it is necessary to increase the generation of electricity while setting cheap electric bills, Seanior General says

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday afternoon inspected Indagaw Industrial Zone of Bago Region.
At the briefing hall, Chairman of Myanmar Economic Holding Ltd Lt-Gen Hsan Oo reported to the Senior General on background history of the industrial zone, production of auto and parts, ACSR wires, electric meters and other related accessories at the zone, arrangements to resume the halted factories, CEO U Myo Aung of Ever Meter Factory on production of digital meters, installation of AMI system electric meters as of 2015, collection of meter bills through automatic billing system and automatic reading system, maintenance tasks, control of the tasks from the control centre, plans to produce advanced meters, weak points of analog meters and imported digital meters without communication system, needs to use the AMI system, loss of electricity to two per cent, up from 16 per cent due to use of AMI system meters, use of AMI system meters to collect electric bills in connection with the mobile banking systems, control of electricity loss to some extent, connection with other urban tasks, inspection on consumption of electricity in time, Union Minister for Electricity and Energy U Aung Than Oo on needs of electric meters across the nation and supply of electricity.

In his response, the Senior General instructed officials to resume operation of the halted machines, systematically carry out the tasks not to lose the machinery at respective factories, efforts for sufficient production of quality electric cable meeting set standards with the use of quality raw materials at home for use of them at Myanmar’s electrification in order to cut the spending of foreign exchange, relevant ministries to supervise illegal consumption of electricity, educate the people to use the electronic equipment for saving the energy to reduce their electric bills, arrange electrification across the nation, review the electric bills in comparison with those of ASEAN countries and the international community for creating cheap rate of electric bills for the people. The Senior General stressed the need to reduce the use of firewood in cooking at villages not to cause environmental impacts. To be able to reduce the use of firewood, it is necessary to increase the generation of electricity while setting cheap electric bills. If each household consumes 100 units, it is estimated each unit will be charged at about K6,000. Hence, it is necessary to install a solar system in villages to consume electricity. The Senior General underlined the need to arrange generation of household use electricity through the solar system and strive for the production of solar panels at home, change the installation of AMI system electric meters in Yangon city and Mandalay city as well as regions and states, and strive for the enhancement of electric meter quality and reduction of electricity loss.

The Senior General directly viewed the use of electricity in Pabedan Township of Yangon Region where Ever meters are being used in the AMI system through the monitor. CEO U Myo Aung of Ever Meter factory explained salient points of electricity consumption.
Later, the Senior General viewed the production process of electric meters at Ever Meter Factory of UMHL and attended to the needs. —MNA

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