Tomato price soars to K1,200 per viss

The price of tomato has risen sharply to over K1,200 per viss from K600 per viss in Kyaukpadaung township, Mandalay region, said U Maung Zaw, a tomato grower from Lae Gwa village, Kyaukpadaung.
Thus, the growers have been making handsome profits, growing tomatoes.
“Kyaukpadaung township farmers are growing the tomato with the use of irrigation water. Firstly, each tomato seed is planted in each bag. After 15 days of planting, the nursery tomato plants are transplanted to the ground and given irrigation water. Then, the plants start to bloom and bear fruits after one month. The tomato plant in Kyaukpadaung township is being grown with the use of irrigation water. Most of the growers use the tomato seeds with the brand names—triple seven and triple one. Tomato can be grown in any place in water-resistant and strong weather condition,” said U Min Nyo, a grower from Mone Gone village.
In the harvest season, the tomato could yield every two days. The tomato traders come to buy the tomatoes in the farmland. Then, the traders sell them back in the Myoma market in Kyaukpadaung town. The price of tomatoes has abruptly soared to K1,200 per viss from K600 per viss. The street vendors are selling tomatoes for around K1,000 per viss. Some are selling them even for K1,200 per viss.
Now, the tomato growers are happy, making a good profit. It is also an unexpected price for tomato farmers, according to the local farmers.—Ko Htein (KPD)/GNLM

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