Duck farming trade expected to improve in March

photo 2024 03 22 14 08 18
A thriving duck farming business

The trading of duck farming for eggs is expected to rise in the coming months starting this March, according to the duck farmers.
After Thingyan in April, the sale of ducks among farmers will become widespread, said Kyaw Swa Duck farming for Eggs Trading.
“We have buyers, and as our farm is a long-term business, there are no new customers, but we have regular sales for current customers. Starting this month onwards, it is the duck farming season, so that farmers will order ducks continuously. After this month and Thingyan, duck farming for eggs can be sold well,” said this farm from Maubin, Ayeyawady Region.
With an excellent daily hatching rate, farming ducks for eggs is a reliable business that generates daily income in local communities.
It is commercially viable, and if one starts with small-scale farming, it can become a regular income-generating business within two-three years.
Farming ducks for eggs and meat is different, and since duck eggs are ready and handy dishes, most people eat them while the market for duck meat is expanding.
Due to the increasing price of duck feed, duck egg prices are also rising, and it is K350 to K400 depending on the size, according to the foodstuffs market. — Thit Taw/ZN/ED

photo 2024 03 22 14 08 17
A thriving duck farming business.
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