Try hard to develop the economy of the nation and its nationals

Currently, the government is placing an emphasis on the development of the State economy with might and main. In fact, the development of the economy is a task which must be undertaken by setting standards and norms as well as rules.
Economic growth comprises the improvement of living standards, the confidence of people in individuals, and entitlements of choosing options. As for the most exact way, the human development index is the best for measuring economic development. HDI also consists of literacy rate and life expectancy which may affect productivity and lead to economic growth.
Qualification of the government of a country can be analyzed depending on its capacity to develop economic status and social security. It is because economic development can help the creation of chances in implementing education, health, employment, environmental conservation and so on while contributing to increasing the incomes of every citizen on a yearly basis.
Operating the businesses must emphasize manufacturing and distribution of products, trading, and use of commodities and services in relevant areas. Not only businesspersons but relevant organizations operating businesses as well as government organizations are also parts of the economic arena in countries.
All global countries are marching towards their relevant goals which may be a target to develop the society with economic growth. But their economic systems are varied but these conform with the nature of their countries. Only when they can choose the best economic systems for their countries will these improve the socioeconomic status of the peoples they targeted.
An economic system is based on the results of culture, education, technological development, history, social society, political trend and legal systems, geographical conditions, and ecosystems for natural resources of relevant countries. Hence, governments need to initiate the best economic system for their countries without derailment from the target.
The economy can be measured with consumer spending, exchange rate, Gross Domestic Product per capita, Gross National Product, stock market, interest rate, government debts, inflation rate, unemployment rate, and balance of trade. Hence, economists should analyze the economic status of any country so as to help the country enjoy good results of economic growth.
Only when the State economy as well as the private sector improves will the country and its citizens have high socioeconomic status. To have such a result, all the people including the government need to change their mindsets and firmly adopted the decisions to develop the nation and the nationals with relentless efforts. If so, the country will grasp the economically powerful might one day.

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