Try to actually understand the nature of life in the secular world

As unprecedented material development can be seen throughout the world, all the global peoples are chasing these developments steadfastly so as to enjoy the fruits of improvement in all aspects. Truly, everybody prefers to possess good things, better things and the best ones. So, it cannot be said their behaviours would be wrong. It is because they all are people from the secular world.
Realistically, the secular world is based on materials. It is naturally true that all the global peoples spend their valuable time possessing the materials as they expected. But they have to ask about themselves. Is it meaningful for chasing the advancements of materials day and night? Instead of chasing it, do they have spare time for their families as well as friends once a week? They should analyze themselves for these issues.
While doing analyses, those persons should ask about themselves: Did they spend one-tenth of their earnings on the happiness of their families as well as themselves? Did they have any idea for spending such an earning?
Indeed, they have to leave a margin of spare time for themselves and earnings of income for their happiness. If not, they should consider a meaningful life for themselves to spend their earnings.
Everybody who analyzes themselves may understand what will be the actual happiness in their lives and why they should spend their spare time and money for their happiness. It is because all the persons from the secular world own nothing. They all seem they possess something because they put their signatures on the paper for materials they would possess. Indeed, just a time of signing deceives them to seem the possession of something.
In truth, the wealth is much better than the poorness. Wealth is not a problem among the global people. But they should understand that the wealth in money without having an untroubled state of mind is a problem for all. Without possessing the advancements in materials, the state of peace of mind is the best for all.
As such, all the people have a chance and try hard to meet the chance for utilizing their lives as they like. Otherwise, the lives will utilize them as much as possible. Indeed, all global people should hope for happiness in their lives with the contents and a state of peace of mind.

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