Try to smoothly operate the market mechanism

Political might, economic might and military might can shape a country to be prestigious to be able to stand tall among the global countries. Moreover, the leaders of the country have the capability to comprehensively handle these kinds of might for the perpetual existence of the country.
To have economic might, all parts of the economic mechanism must be able to smoothly move for overcoming economic challenges. As the government has clearly declared to exercise the market economic system, efforts must be made for operating the economic machinery for recovering both the State economy and privately owned businesses.
The market mechanism adjusts production and consumption in the private economy. In this regard, consumers must have a chance to independently purchase goods from the market. All producers must compete with each other in the production with the least production cost. The market competition must not allow the producers for holding the exclusive chance for a long time to manufacture the beneficial commodities.
As such, it is necessary to take preventive measures against monopolization in the market not to keep all chances to a single producer. The market machinery needs to coordinate the best consumption and production and prevent economic instability. That is why the authorities need to enact necessary laws and rules for preventing monopolizing the market.
With the aim of improving the market, the government needs to subsidize foodstuffs production for selling them at fair prices to consumers. Moreover, necessary tax-levying rates must be reduced and tax exemption allowed for stabilizing the economy through a firm financial policy. In this regard, it is necessary to exercise the guideline project in the market machinery.
Currently, the financial market is essential for the State and the citizens. If a systematic and firm financial system cannot be brought about, the country will not be able to meet the aim of a modern and developed nation. In Myanmar, the financial market penetrates various sectors for taking a leading role in the nation.
If businesses from a country cannot join the global financial market, these will meet just a low standard of economy. If so, these businesses will miss the chance to keep abreast of other countries.
Operating a systematic and firm financial system is the lifeblood of the country, the State and the people. The government is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the market mechanism of the nation forever in cooperation with the people with concerted efforts for the sale of goods at fair prices for all.

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