Try to understand the important role of spare time in life

Everybody knows a proverb goes: Time and tide wait for no man. It is because time is always changing, and the universal truth mentions the past could not be grasped and the future cannot be held up to the present.
If one efficiently utilizes the time, one will benefit. To do so, time users must have the capacity to manage their spare time throughout their lives. If they waste their invaluable time, they will face a terrible loss in all aspects. Proper time management will bring good results to the users. Reciprocally, inappropriate time management will face unbelievable loss.
Celebrities as well as famous persons manage their spare time and comprehensively understand the trend of time management. They always manage daily routines without any weak points. Hence, they can give convenience to their partners as well as can take trust and reliance from their associates. They dare to spend their spare time studying some topics of subjects in addition to seeking advice from those who are capable of enhancing their capacity.
Anyone should not rethink the past events but should systematically manage the current time. Only when the present can be utilized can the future prospects be fulfilled automatically. In Myanmar, venerable Leti Buddhist monks compiled a large number of treatises. Hence, all Myanmar people accepted that the venerable Leti monk poured out the greatest perseverance among today’s renowned persons across the nation. It is because the venerable monk efficiently utilized his life in the compilation of the Buddhist treatises.
Those who systematically manage the daily routines do not have spare time to focus on bad ideas and thoughts over others and to consider bad conspiracies. Inappropriate thoughts do not have the chance to enter their considerations. Gradually, the best time managers become noble and mature in all arenas with occupying the respect of others.
In Myanmar history, there was an old Buddhist monk in the reign of King Kya Swa (596-612 ME). He cleaned his teeth with a natural toothbrush on a daily basis. He threw these toothbrushes into a large pit. For many years, the pit was filled with toothbrushes. So, he considered that time had gone like daily use of toothbrushes. Hence, he understood the important role of time in life and started his studies. Finally, the monk was named Shin Disapamauk by the king. As such, everybody should understand the important role of efficiently spending their spare time in their life.

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