Turn out qualified, skilled workers without delay

Not only economic growth but the development of human resources are of great importance in building a country. As such, developing countries, in addition to industrialized countries, focus on the improvement of human resources.
Despite an abundance of natural resources such as oil, natural gas, forest and forest products, the country will gradually decline these resources depending on a large volume of extraction and utilization. But, the human resources applying skills and knowledge will never run out, and these capacities will have enhancement depending on the utilization.
Myanmar, an agro-based country, is making efforts to transform its manual farming into mechanized farming. In so doing, the government is striving to build a new country with the development of the industrial sector. At present, the special emphasis is being placed on the emergence of skilled workers in respective sectors such as CMP industries, including garment factories and construction projects.
The National Skill Standards Authority-NSSA is carefully turning out the skilled workers in Myanmar. It has been issuing recognition certificates on national level work skills since 2014. So far, it has assessed skilled labours in 30 kinds of jobs and recognized 17.103 qualified, skilled workers.
Currently, NSSA decided to assess 5,000 candidate labours for 33 kinds of jobs to recognize them as skilled labours in the 2022-2023 financial year. A plan is underway to conduct the training courses on skill standard scheming and assessment techniques to be able to contribute to the assessment process of the NSSA.
Indeed, the NSSA’s processes to assess the skilled labour and issue the recognition certificates to the candidates emphasize the improvement of the skills of Myanmar labours. Hence, such a process is expected to meet the demand for skilled workers in the country’s labour market.
As the development of human resources is a sector which is essential for the improvement of the nation, Myanmar workers should attend the relevant skill training courses to possess job opportunities by uplifting their capacity and skilled qualification. If so, they will have the firm confidence to encounter the challenges in the workplace with easily solving any problems.
To build a modernized country, the government, the employers and the skilled labour need to join hands with one another in implementing the essential projects benefiting the State and the people in the long run. Hence, let’s turn out qualified, skilled workers without delay!

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