Turn out qualified, talented trainees from sports institutes


The government is emphasizing the measure to enhance the health, fitness and education quality of the entire nation as regards the last point of the social affairs objectives.
Priority is being given to achieving success in the sports sector, not only in internal but in the international arenas. In fact, most sports events depend on the turning out the qualified youths. It is because only then will fresh and young athletes with talent secure victory in the sports competitions.
As such, it is necessary to nurture the youths under limited age for respective sports carefully. Moreover, systematic sports training must be given to them under the modern techniques. Qualified trainers can produce talented players for generations.
The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs manages Institutes of Sports and Physical Education in regions and states to turn out outstanding trainees qualified for taking part in the domestic sports events to show off their talented skills in the respective sports genres.
If the candidates can show off their brilliant skills, they are sure to be chosen as selected athletes to represent Myanmar in international sports tournaments. Not only the Defence Services Self-Defence and Sports Institute under the Ministry of Defence but Institutes of Sports and Physical Education are giving training to the talented youths in various sports events as part of turning out a new generation of athletes.
It can be said that winning the sports events is designed to defend the State. As such, young and talented youths need to emphasize sports training for their health and fitness. If so, their new generations will build a healthy country.
At present, SPEIs recruit newcomers for the 2022-23 academic year. The candidates have to pass the examination of the 7th standard. The candidates must not exceed 15 years old. Male candidates must be five feet and four inches high at minimum, and female candidates, five feet and two inches tall. They have to join the psychological, English and Mathematics tests. Despite weakness in education, restrictions will be eased for the highly talented candidates.
Arrangements are being made to give lectures on basic training of gymnastic events to the trainees at all institutes in the 2022-23 academic year. If so, youths will have the chance to taste the sports arena and know the advantages of the healthy and fit situation for the daily lifestyle.

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