Turn out skilful human resources in the fishery sector

Fish and fish products such as fish paste, dried fish and fish sauce are contributing much to the daily food supply of the people in Myanmar society. As such, research should be conducted on the systematic fish farming process as well as freshwater and seawater shrimp farming works in order to produce fish for the sufficiency of local consumption.
The best ways and means must be sought for the operating of the fish farming task to produce maximum products with the least cost. If operation costs at breeding farms decline, lesser selling prices will benefit consumers. Hence, fish farmers need to consider how to benefit the relevant regions through the operation of their farms.
Farmers need to efficiently utilize livestock farming plots and systematically operate their farms. Local authorities have to contact relevant ministries to supply pedigree fish species to the fish farmers for booming fish farms.
On the other hand, quick sending of local livestock products to the market and lesser transport charges are important for all. Although products can be manufactured at reduced prices, transport difficulties can be hindrances to reducing the prices of products. So, the manufacturing roads must be actually useful and essential for the manufacturers and consumers.
The government recently established the Institute of Fisheries in Twantay Township of Yangon on 12 December 2022 so as to develop fishery technology, create job opportunities and develop fishing technology to be shared with youths.
Moreover, the institute conducting diploma courses is scheduled to produce qualified human resources in the fishery sector. Depending on the result and progress of academic measures, the institute will be upgraded to a college in order to enable the students to learn higher education as a vocational course. The human resources to be turned out by the institute are expected to become reliable skilled persons in the fishery sector of the nation.
Only when the right men have the chance to take the right positions will their endeavours contribute to the improvement of the nation. Hence, those who graduated from the institute need to join the businesses concerning the experiences they have had in learning. If so, their businesses will benefit themselves as well as the national economy.
Various vocational institutes are turning out skilled persons on whom the State can rely. The Institute of Fisheries (Twantay) is expected to fulfil the needs of human resources in building the nation and developing the fishery sector which can meet the fish demand of consumers across the nation through advanced technologies they learnt.

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