Two-lane Kamyawkin Bridge project completes 15%

The Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction implemented the Kamyawkin Bridge project in Dawei Township of Taninthayi Region, and it completes 15 per cent of operation now, according to the ministry.
The new bridge is being constructed about 92 feet from the 1,100 feet long two-lane old bridge at the cost of K10,600 million while K1,500 million is spent on approach road construction. It is located between the Dawei-Kamyawkin-Launglon road section of Taninthayi Region and 10 skilled engineers of Bridge Construction Task Force 4 and 70 workers are constructing the bridge.
The 1,050 feet long two-lane new bridge is 24 feet in width and the waterway clearance is 164 feet in width and 16 feet in height. The load capacity of the bridge is 75-tonne. It also has nine spans and 1.2 metres and 1.5 metres in diameter Bored Piles will be used for the foundation. The body of the bridge is R.C Concrete and it will also use R.C Girder P.C Girder Steel Truss & R.C Decking Slab for the upper part of the bridge.

Currently, the construction of A1 and A2 approach structures, P1 and P8 piles, pier Bored Piles including P1, P2, P3 and P7 and five RC Girders on both sides of Dawei and Launglon are completed and so the project has been 15 per cent finished so far. The engineers will also conduct 50 feet concrete paving procedure between A1 and P3 and the construction of P3 Bored Pile including Cap, Shaft and Cross Beam using the budget of the 2020-2021FY.
The old Kamyawkin Bridge located between mileposts 2/2 and 2/3 of Dawei-Launglon road was constructed in 1972 and completed in 1975.
Although the width of the bridge was fit at that time, there are now heavy traffic jams due to a huge influx of visitors and car imports to Maungmagan beach in Longlon, Shin Koe Shin pagodas in Dawei, especially on significant religious days. Moreover, the students of Dawei University also rely on this bridge and so it also contributes to heavy traffic congestion. Moreover, the people will have to use Kamyawkin Bridge to travel to Dawei Deep Seaport. Therefore, the government constructs a new two-lane bridge across the Dawei river, according to the ministry.
When completed, the bridge will benefit a total of 294,496 people of 46,196 households in 48 village-tracts and 19 wards in Dawei and Launglon townships.
The bridge project was started on 1 December 2020 and is slated for completion in the 2022-2023FY. — Pwint Thitsar/GNLM

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