Two-month-long Kalay-Tamu Road traffic jam causes shortages, price hikes

The photo shows a part of Kalay-Tamu Road that faces a two-month-long traffic jam.

The Kalay-Tamu Road, which has been experiencing traffic congestion for more than two months, is still facing the same issue. Both sides of the road have been closed, leading to disruptions in transportation and supply chains. As a result, the prices of Indian goods have surged, and the market is experiencing shortages due to prolonged road closures.
A local seller of Indian goods expressed their concerns, stating that the flow of goods has been severely affected, leading to a scarcity of items in the market. The remaining goods are being sold at higher prices due to the limited supply. Although buses are operating from Kalay to Khampat, reaching Tamu from Khampat has become challenging. The seller added that the bus fare for the Kalay-Khampat trip is now around K20,000. – TWA/CT

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