Myanmar women swindled, abandoned in Malaysia after losing 600 ringgits

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The Lovely Heart Philanthropic Myanmar Youth Blood Donor Group helping the two Myanmar women abandoned under the bridge.

A broker on TitTok cheated 600 Ringgits from two Myanmar women and abandoned them on the street in Malaysia, according to Lovely Heart Philanthropic Myanmar Youth Blood Donor Group (Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia).
The two women arrived in Malaysia just three months ago, have no contacts there and don’t know where to go. They slept under the bridge for two nights, said the group on 5 March.
“The broker told them he would find jobs for them but eventually abandoned them on the street. When we came to search for them, they told us they were sleeping under the bridge. Brokers are too bad. They had arrived here for just three months. They don’t know where they can go, and they don’t have contacts in this country. The broker from Myanmar sent them here. When they arrived here, they met another broker on TikTok, who brought them, saying he would find a job, and eventually left them in this ward,” said an official from the group.
The two victims asked the group for help, which is why they brought them to their office.
“Please don’t do like that again. Some brokers are unacceptably bad. Please don’t believe in whatever they are advertising,” said the official.
Of the two women, one is from Kalay township, and the other is from KhinU township.
The group will assist and find jobs for them. The group also requested Myanmar nationals who want jobs to contact them. — MT/ZS/ED

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