U Ye Tun, Chairman of Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA)

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May all Myanmar people and all global inhabitants be free from various dangers on the occasion of New Year 1386 ME, in transiton from Old Year 1385 ME, and enjoy physical and mental well-being.
Our YMBA has been steadfastly focusing on nationality, language, religion, and education as our main visions. Likewise, the Chairman of the State Administration Council, the patron of our association, has given guidance that as a national association, the association has to perform the national cause but not the politics.
The national cause emphasizes aid for the people residing across the nation suffering loss and damage in natural disasters and assistance for the development of religious affairs. Currently, the association is striving to do so. Only when a country is peaceful and prosperous will it be developed. As such, we assist in realizing the peace and prosperity of the country.
On the occasion of New Year, I, on behalf of YMBA, would like to urge all the people to be united and not believe in talks of instigation and misinformation in the air. I would especially like to encourage peace and prosperity to be of great importance to the nation. Let’s shape the whole nation peacefully and prosperly.

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