UEC continues to examine activities of political parties

The Union Election Commission looked into whether the political parties conducted systematically for the memberships of the parties, party funds and property, savings, maintaining, usage, audition and liquidation and parties’ procedures according to the Union Election Law Section 10 (l) “supervising, causing to supervise and guiding the political parties to carry out in accord with the law.”
The UEC inspected Women’s Party (Mon) based in Mon State was inspected from 3.10.2021 to 6.10.2021; 88 Generation Democracy Party from 3.10.2021 to 8.10.2021; Mon Unity Party from 4.10.2021 to 8.10.2021; Bago Region-based Guiding Star Party, Union Farmer-Labour Force Party, and Alliance of Myanmar’s Worker and Farmer Party (A.M.W.F.P) from 4.10.2021 to 8.10.2021; Yangon Region-based National Unity Congress Party, Democracy and Human Rights Party, United Nationalities Democracy Party from 4.10.2021 to 8.10.2021; Shan Nationalities Democratic Party from 4.10.2021 to 8.10.2021; Ayeyawady Region-based People’s Party of Myanmar Farmers and Workers from 4.10.2021 to 6.10.2021; Kayin State-based Phalon-Sawaw Democratic Party and Karen National Democratic Party from 5.10.2021 to 8.10.2021.
The inspections were carried out by the members of the Union Election Commission and officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Planning and Finance and the Office of the Auditor-General of the Union. — MNA

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