UEC discusses electoral reform with political parties

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The Union Election Commission meets the representatives of political parties in Yangon on 5 November 2021.

The Union Election Commission organized an electoral system meeting with the representatives of political parties at the Yangon Region Government office yesterday.
The meeting was attended by UEC Chairman U Thein Soe, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Hla Soe, UEC members, region government ministers and attorney-general and officials of region government, representatives of political parties and the people who are interested in the election.
First, the UEC Chairman said that most of the parties discussed at the meetings between the UEC and political parties in February and May 2021 to change the electoral system that suits Myanmar. The 16 political parties also sent papers on the PR system and so the talk on the current electoral system was held as per the decision made in the previous coordination meeting held in May.
The representatives and those who are interested in this case will read the papers regarding the suitable electoral systems that should be adopted accordingly to the current trend for the coming election.
The Chairman also highlighted two fundamental electoral systems for various political election and voting systems of the world countries such as FPTP and PR, the use of FPTP system in the previous elections of Myanmar according to 1947, 1974 and 2008 Constitutions, thoughts of people that most of the democratic countries would adopt that system as the candidates who receive the most votes win, refusal of many countries as that system is no longer suitable with the current situation and adoption of PR system.
He also discussed the differences between the two electoral systems, and then clarified the advantages of the PR system.
He added the principles of the 2008 Constitution to follow the genuine, disciplined democratic system, holding of two general elections according to the 2008 Constitution, the victory of just one great party that formed the government, advantages of multiparty to conduct check and balance and the electoral reform.
Then, UEC member U Than Soe reported on the use of PR system and plans to be conducted under the Constitution, including proportional constituencies of three Hluttaws in detail. U Htay Kyaw of the Myanmar People’s Democratic Party agreed with the discussions while Dr Myo Sett Thway of PPP suggested introducing the Closed List and re-change to Open List after two terms of the election period.
Moreover, the representatives of the respective political parties provided their proper suggestions during the meeting.
The second-day meeting will hold today and a total of 113 persons – 93 from 53 political parties and 20 civilians — joined yesterday’s event.—MNA

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